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Rules & Regulations

School Rules & Discipline For Students

To maintain strict discipline, to speed up the progress and streamline efficiency, we are compelled to take certain precautionary measures in the institution. Their compliance on compulsory and any failure to do so may necessitate disciplinary action without prior notice.

  • Student should wear only prescribed uniform in the school premises. ( See annexure for school uniform)
  • All students must come 5 minutes before the school timing, late comers will be sent back.
  • In any circumstances pupil will not be allowed to leave the school premises during the regular teaching hours.
  • Irregular attendance, negligence of work, indiscipline, disrespect towards the members of the school staff and immoral influence justifies dismissal.
  • Extracurricular activities are the part of education which enhance the personality of individual. Therefore, it is mandatory for each and every students.
  • Students have to be regular and punctual.
  • They must participate in school activity and other Co - curricular activities.
  • They must come with school diary and it should be signed by parents regularly after going back home.
  • Students are bound to appear at all tests/examination conducted by the school. It is obligatory on their part as no re-test shall be conducted. The report card must be shown to the parents for pursual and signature and the same must be submitted to the respective class teacher.
  • Students must be courteous, polite, obedient and well mannered. They must be respectful to teachers and other school staff and maintain cordial inter personal relationship with every member of the school family.
  • The will call their parents when they are asked to do.
  • No student will come to school with valuable items, mobiles, private reading books/ magazines and games material.
  • The student of CPS will keep the school campus, property and environment clean, protected and in the interest of nation as you is the future citizen.
  • Every student will actively participate in all activities in the school time to time.